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I'm loving it so far!, expect it in some months... or not, who knows!.

Believe it or not, i spend an entire day making the first 5 seconds
of the new animation i'm doing.

Don't worry, that's good, i'm trying to do it better every time, the last animation that i upload here got like 3 stars, no more, no less, that's pretty good, at least is not 2 stars.
I'd like to thanks the people who are following me, well, the two users that are following me, that means a lot.

In other news, i'm trying to make a character, you know, some character who can be the face of the page, i'm not good making new characters, but i'll try, i don't know what will result.
i don't know if make a knight or a soldier, or an cartoon version of me, this little bearded man that i have is not enough.

As i say, i'm working in a new animation, it'll be a parody of HALO, of the online mode "capture the flag"
it will be called "There's no drama in Halo 3"



Have a great day :)

Hello!, my start here.

2014-06-15 16:37:25 by UncleRemil


Well, my first start here wasn't that good, i mean, my two first movies went to an 2 starts and a half, i'm not mad about that because they're my first animation on flash, it's normal that they're not quite good.

¿What do i want?

Well, i only wanna upload my animations, my movies, i have something really good in mind, they're a series, without story, just parodies of various games and movies, and maybe series, i don't know, they all in flash.


My name is Emíl Valdez, you can call me Remil, that's how my family calls me, and i like that name more.


Do you see that fat-ass?, well that's me.

Mexican, white, 17 old little peace of crap who can't be a second out of his computer making cartoons about anything that came to his mind.

That's pretty much all about me, i don't think you care but i'll leave this here, for the lol's.

Have a nice day.