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Entry #1

Hello!, my start here.

2014-06-15 16:37:25 by UncleRemil


Well, my first start here wasn't that good, i mean, my two first movies went to an 2 starts and a half, i'm not mad about that because they're my first animation on flash, it's normal that they're not quite good.

¿What do i want?

Well, i only wanna upload my animations, my movies, i have something really good in mind, they're a series, without story, just parodies of various games and movies, and maybe series, i don't know, they all in flash.


My name is Emíl Valdez, you can call me Remil, that's how my family calls me, and i like that name more.


Do you see that fat-ass?, well that's me.

Mexican, white, 17 old little peace of crap who can't be a second out of his computer making cartoons about anything that came to his mind.

That's pretty much all about me, i don't think you care but i'll leave this here, for the lol's.

Have a nice day. 


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2014-06-15 22:02:23

Hi Remil,

I saw your thread in the animation forum. The video you linked to is set to private so I'm not sure what issues you're having. Hopefully you can change the settings and someone can help you.

As for the 2.5 scores on your first couple of movies... that's actually pretty good. A lot of people get blammed so you're ahead of the game!

Just keep plugging away and before you know it, you'll be showcased on the front page!!!

Good luck :D

UncleRemil responds:

Thanks for your words, i already post the video in public, thanks, i wouldn't noticed.
If you can help me there's the post fixed, thanks.

Good night.